About the Javid Group

About the Javid group

The advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra" has started its activities in 2010 with the aim of enhancing access of businessmen and business owners to the finance they need. From the beginning, this group has maintained and endeavored to protect the interests of its domestic and foreign stakeholders according to the legal requirements of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Being successful in offering good advice about financial supply for hundreds of commercial, manufacturing, industrial and corporate projects and satisfaction of their owners has made today a recognized and capable institution among all applicants. Within our organization, the group's unconditional commitment to continually improving the performance and developing human capital technical knowledge and with the emphasis on providing a happy and lawful work environment and the multilateral effort to create job security has created a dynamic and pioneering organization in the professional field of the advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra".

From 2015, the advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra" in response to its customers' requests, have raised its human capitals in the sections of studying the market, feasibility studies, risking, investment consulting, developing justification plans in industry, tourism, mining, and nonmetallic industries, mines, servicing field, agriculture, construction, alterant industries and etc. It also provides its clients with unique services at the highest possible level, utilizing the latest hardware and software features in the world.

The advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra" is proud that it's clients today no longer have to worry about getting the funding they need and confidently with the help of this group services, just think about the horizons of development and progress.

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Message from Head Manager

Entrepreneurs in all advanced societies are the most respected people. They accept a commitment to developing society and they are the reason for mankind growing because they are stepping out of their welfare circle and taking every risk to make the world a better place to live. All entrepreneurs that in order to reach their goals conquered the peaks of success one after the other have something in common and that’s using trusted and professional advisors in every field that they are not an expert in that. We confidently can say more important fields are investment consulting, feasibility studies, risking, market studies and methods of financing that, in fact, is a kind of futuristic research. Lack of this consulting is seen in every failed economic project, plans, and intermediate projects.


ارزش ها

The advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra" takes steps towards fulfilling its mission by relying on the following values:
Commitment to provide distinctive and complete customer services
Make optimum use of the company's opportunities and resources for continuous and sustained value creation
Adherence to professional ethics in the business environment
Honesty and transparency in the servicing process
Creativity, innovation, development, and updating of professional knowledge and professional skills of employees along with strengthening team spirit in the path of organizational excellence
Commitment to working conscience, accepting critics and being responsible, respecting clients, keeping confidential information and protecting assets
By innovating in service delivery, we want to improve the professional standards in financing and so become the first choice of clients in the capital market.

Our Mission

چشم انداز

As an expert institution, the advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra" provides financing requirements of the capital market with minimum time possible and good quality. Our dedicated team, while continually expanding its services to position this brand, focuses on serving its stakeholders and helping them realize their dreams and ideas. The advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra" is a dynamic, purpose-driven group of expert, well-educated professionals with diverse backgrounds, with an efficient structure that not only provides consulting and investment advisory services but also promises a different experience from providing services with delivers quality to our customers. On the other hand, by providing comprehensive and documented feasibility studies, this group avoids wasting the country's financial resources and takes effective steps in the growth, prosperity, and development of the country in order to transform national funds into generating and productive wealth.


گروه مشاورین جاوید

We work hard to be the most credited financial consulting services company using the latest capital market tools in Iran. As a dynamic company, we try to respond to our customers’ needs by paying attention to our customer’s goals and adapting to changing business environments. We hope with relying on our professional experiences and ability to understand correctly, we gain the confidence and public satisfaction of businessmen. May the aims of talented persons of our beloved country come true with the help of our company Regardless of capital concerns.