Licenses of Javid Group

Membership in the Association of Investment Consulting Companies and Project Supervision

The association of investment consulting and supervision companies is the only non-governmental trade union as representative of investment consultants, that by contracting the Bank of Industry and Mine, plays an important role in order to improve financing knowledge of the country. Also cooperating with the financial and banking system of the country in order to develop and achieve national investment goals are other achievements of this association.

Obtaining a technical and engineering establishment license from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade

The advisory group company "Javid Sarmaye Sadra" with the aim of providing a wide range of specialized technical and engineering services, attempts to study and execute industrial and manufacturing projects, and also optimized use of hardware and software has been able to obtain only approval of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Commerce in the field of technical and engineering licenses.

Association Members Policy

We, the members of the consulting and supervision company association, with signing this policy, undertake the following within the framework of our membership in the society:

Loyalty to goals determined in constitution and association

Compliance to professional ethics and principles

Try to improve the professional, scientific, social and economic position of the association

Defending the legal and legitimate interests of members and association

Try to maintain the professional and non-political environment of the association

Developing the position of associations and member companies

Honesty and trusteeship to the legitimate interests of clients and project finances

Preventing wastage of finances and interests and being careful about feasibility and justification plans as a national capital

Develop the culture in work environments for optimum use of energy and materials and high-quality work and service

Continues education for improving methods and detecting effective parameters on goals and methods of financing

Developing cooperation with government and legal entities for effective acting of our association and its members

خطر پذیر

Membership in the country's venture capital investment association

During the conclusion of the Memorandum of Understanding in 2009, activists in the field of venture capital and supporting institutions of this industry decided to create a center for gathering of industry activists in Iran, which led to the formation and registration of the Employers' Association of Dangerous Investment Funds and Institutions in January 2012. The association now pursues the following key goals with the active members of Iran's Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, consisting of technology research funds, venture capital venture capital firms, investment consulting firms, accelerators and business angels:

* Development and promotion of venture capital literature

* Standardization of risky investment procedures and activities

* Transfer of successful venture capital investment experiences

* Promoting the interaction of industry activists with government agencies and organizations supporting innovation financing

Other licenses

Integrated Management System Certification
 ISO 45001
ISO 45001
ISO 9001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 14001