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گروه مشاورین جاوید

javid group since 2000

About Javid Sadra Group

The advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra" with the aim of enhancing access of business activists and businessmen to needed financial resources, started operating in 2010. From the beginning, this group has maintained and endeavored to protect the interests of its domestic and foreign stakeholders according to the legal requirements of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Being successful in offering good advice about financial supply for hundreds of commercial, manufacturing, industrial and corporate projects and satisfaction of their owners has made this advisory group today a recognized and capable institution among all applicants. The advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra" is proud that it's clients today no longer have to worry about getting the funding they need and confidently with the help of this advisory group's services, just think about the horizons of development and progress.


?Why Javid Group

Increasing the progress and popularity of the advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra" is based on 4 principles: experience, up-to-date knowledge, superior quality, and certified consultants. We know the importance of these four principles together and every day we will increase our endeavors to improve the satisfaction of our dear customers. We are distinguished in the following four key terms:

An experienced and reliable consultant

The main supporter of the advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra" is doing many projects successfully in our beloved country, Iran. This has led us to become a specialized and technical reference for providing specialized financing and investment advice. We are also a trusted consultant for your information and ideas about investment, so you can be sure that we will prevent any information leaks.

Understanding all the requirements and operating within the context of law along with the recent changes in the banking and monetary system of the country, has led us to pay attention to updated information as a major force for advancing this advisory group.

Preparing feasibility studies, before starting any investment, will reduce the risk of project failure. The advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra" always has complied its services with the national banking and monetary system standards. This is proof of our claim to deliver superior quality.

Banks and institutions that finance the projects in the facility payment process need to conduct feasibility studies by trusted consultants to ensure the accuracy of the applicants' estimates and economics. The advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra" is an official and graded member of the Bank Investment Advisers Association and is a trusted advisor to the country's banking system.

گروه مشاورین جاوید