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One of the most important things to create and develop funding projects in Iran is the capital supply of projects. Instability in rules and procedures and lack of transparency have caused many projects facing financing problems. A lot of investors, unfortunately with using all of their finances do not succeed to get a loan and their projects actually become semi-finished projects.

In order of that, it is recommended to investors to take financing seriously in the first steps of programming and complete their information about it, because sometimes even spending on a project does not give you an advantage in financing or even eliminates the possibility of optimal and maximum use of bank loans.

مشاوره تامین مالی گروه مشاورین جاوید

Because bank rules for bank participation have specific regulations and if investors spend base of necessities and plan, they can use their limited supplies, most properly. According to financial principles, investors aiming to increase their financial strength should leverage their resources to get the most out of their facilities.

So, the maximum use of cheap loans is every investor's priority. In nowadays condition, we can say that the approved leasing firm is a source of financing for investors. But using these services is not possible for every project.

The advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra" with full awareness of financing processes and conditions of getting loans from leasing companies that are approved by the central bank, is ready to help investors in order to finance their projects for buying capital goods or office supplies.

Why you should use supply counseling of the advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra"? Because of…

Reach the funds as fast as possible

Legal oversight of the process of obtaining resources by an experienced legal team

Financing all projects without any exception

Without any limit for funds required

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