Preparation of justification

Writing a technical-economic justification plan based on a standard system of country's banking is one of the services of the advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra". Providing justification for getting a loan or supplying capital, is one of the major documents that businesses need to provide. Evaluating conditions of the market, cost of implementation and future profitability of the project are predicted in this justification. The risks of the project are evaluated and the extent of their impact of each, along with preventive measures will be provided. Our financial advisors and experts in advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra", with complete understanding of laws and bank regulation of country and with perfect analyze of profitability of projects in different markets, Develops the required analytics for financing companies and banks in compiling with the country's banking and financial standards (especially the Bank of Industry and Mine) and develops a realistic plan with comprehensive analysis.

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Services of the advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra" in the field of justification plan:
Evaluation of market

Our experts by analyzing the profitability of your target market along with analyzing strengths and weaknesses will identify the right situation. They also analyze the strategy of entering the market and predict the obstacles to achieving the sales target.

Evaluation of costs and profits

One of the most important sections of a justification plan is evaluating project costs and the amount of income and its profits. The costs should be such that the project can be done with the costs needed. The risk of rising prices or different financial risks should be analyzed in the costs section. The start of income and profitability should be examined carefully and important parameters such as profit and loss equity, internal efficiency, financial flows, and other important parameters should be identified.

Risk Evaluation

Due to economic instability, it is possible that important parameters like price or inflation change extensively during the time. So, it’s necessary to evaluate the project from different sides, from the most pessimistic to the most optimistic and approve the profitability of the plan.

Technical Evaluation

In every economic activity, it’s normal that there are different devices or equipment. They also are analyzed by our expert team and its specifications are determined. Technical knowledge (OPC, FPC) is also provided to produce the product or service if necessary.

A financial and economic evaluation of the project

Naturally, a project is attractive for investors that its profitability is short-term and low-risk. By Using COMFAR software in the advisory group "Javid Sarmaye Sadra", the economic and financial model of the project will evaluate and the probability of it will be determined.

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