Market Research

Entering any market without pondering it delicately is like doing a big gamble. So for preventing the loss of capital you need to get right information about size of the market you want to enter, its main competitors, the conditions of that market, its profitability and etc. Flourishing these information in any market or industry requires an experienced and skillful team as well as a broad and extensive database to regularly check those conditions.

Other important points in market research include estimating supply and demand in the upcoming years, based on information such as current production, ongoing projects, import and export rates and increasing or decreasing in domestic consumption.

This is necessary to start investing in an economic activity as well as attracting capital. Market research also significantly reduces project implementation risk because your every move is base on rigorous and in-depth analysis.

انجام مطالعه بازار برای همه مشاغل

The Javid group conducts market research in five major stages:

1. Problem or issue definition

2. Preparing a research plan

3. Gathering relevant data and information

4.Analyzing data and initial reports.

5.Providing supplementary and visual reports with solutions

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