Services of Javid Group

Financing advice

One of the most important activities for creating and developing investment projects in Iran is project financing. Instability in laws and procedures and lack of transparency have led to many projects facing funding problems. Unfortunately, many investors do not succeed in obtaining facilities by wasting all their resources, and in practice, they turn into semi-finished projects. For this purpose, investors are advised to take financing seriously in the early stages of planning a project and complete your information in this regard, because sometimes even spending on a project does not create an advantage in financing or even It eliminates the possibility of optimal and maximum use of bank facilities.

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تامین مالی
مشاوره سرمایه گذاری

Investment advice

Javid Sarmayeh Sadra Consulting Group, in order to support national values ​​and with the aim of directing financial capital to profitable industries, provides investment advice to all enterprises and economic actors. Using economic experts, financial and banking experts, the group provides investment advisory services to turn national capital into productive and productive wealth. In other words, our experts in Javid Sarmayeh Sadra Consulting Group, while being aware of the conditions of different markets in Iran, can be your guide in entering or developing economic markets. The investment process for various economic projects requires expertise and complete knowledge of existing laws, as well as financial analysis. ) And obtain the necessary credit and banking guarantees will be with customers.

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Preparation of justification plan

Writing a technical-economic justification plan in accordance with the standard of the country's banking system is one of the services of Javid Sarmayeh Sadra Consulting Group. Providing a justification plan for obtaining a loan or financing is one of the main documents that businesses must provide. Examining the market conditions, the amount of cost required to implement the plan, as well as the future profitability of the project in this plan is predicted. The risks in the program are examined and the effectiveness of each is implemented along with preventive measures. Our financial advisors and specialists in Javid Sarmayeh Sadra Advisory Group, with a full analysis of the profitability of projects in different markets and industries, while familiarizing with the country's financial and banking rules and regulations, analyze the required analyzes for capital supply companies and banks according to standards. They formulate the country's banking and finance (especially the Bank of Industry and Mines) and formulate a realistic plan with a comprehensive analysis.

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تهیه طرح توجیهی
مطالعه بازار

Market study

Entering any economic market without careful study is nothing more than gambling. In order to enter the market or develop a business, we need to get accurate information about the size of the market, the main competitors, the conditions in the market and its profitability. Developing this information for any industry requires a professional team as well as a comprehensive database that has been able to continuously monitor the conditions in different markets. Our experts in Javid Sarmayeh Sadra Consulting Group, while studying the market, use statistical methods, up-to-date evaluation and evaluation in the world to analyze the competitors' market, determine the status of customers and generally analyze the supply and demand of the industry for its customers. . Other important points in market research include estimating supply and demand in the coming years, using information such as current production, ongoing projects to enter the future, imports and exports, and increasing or decreasing domestic consumption. .

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